Choosing the Right High Heeled Shoes

There are different types of high-heeled shoes including platforms, sandals, pumps, wedges, and high heeled boots. When buying heels, you need to know that they do not have to be too high to be in fashion and acceptable. Here are pointers on how to obtain the ideal high heels.

High HeelsChoose a high heel depending on the shape of your legs. If you have thick thighs, high heeled shoes with pointed toe may seem smaller and will make your feet look out of proportion with the rest of your body. Find a heel that will make your legs look balanced with the shoes. Also, high heeled shoes that look too sturdy will make your legs sturdy too.

Safety is a significant point when it comes to heels and stilettos, so beware of the strappy shoes. They can look sexy,but the ankles can easily be twisted. Ensure that the fastenings are firmly in place and the heel chosen is well balanced. Also, when you buy a new heel, you can roughen the bottom to prevent nasty accidents on a dance floor.

Flexibility is also to be considered when buying heeled shoes. The wedge heeled shoes can offer greater flexibility and can give you all the ‘leg slimming’ and an ‘extra height’. The wedge shoes do well with miniskirts and are excellent as office wear. The heeled boots can as well be very flexible and can be worn with different outfits. They are great with skirts and so good for office wear.

When it comes to comfort, high heeled shoes can be very uncomfortable if not chosen carefully. If you are looking for high heeled shoes that you can walk in comfortably for the whole day or at work, consider buying a lower heel or a kitten heel. You can choose a style with squared-off toes or open toes, or go for the chunkier heels instead of stilettos. Even the all-around wedge heel that slopes the foot gently and supports the full foot area would be great. The wedge high heelsare suitable for the office because they can be worn for a long time and one would still feel comfortable.

Ultimately, the heel height that you choose will determine your comfort and stability level and so be careful when making a purchase. It is not all about looking good but also being comfortable. Do not for the people to see but rather balance that with your comfort. You might develop feet problems for wearing the wrong shoes, and this is a cost am sure you are not willing to pay. Make a wise purchase and be fashionable.