What Exactly Are Dental Crowns?

If you’ve been told you may need to have dental crown implants Adelaide, you may be unsure of what they are. Much of what we fear is the unknown. By taking a little time to research we can eradicate our fear and feel confident going into a procedure.

Here is information to make you more comfortable about what you can expect:

People often get confused between veneers, bridges and crowns. All of these can significantly enhance the appearance of your teeth in your mouth but are entirely different. A veneer can be defined as a thin covering that fitted onto your tooth. It’s a little bit like a false fingernail hiding the short chewed one behind it. Your tooth looks great, even if it isn’t. Veneers often have a shorter lifespan.

Dental crowns not only make your teeth look beautiful but make them healthy as well. They are made from different materials though the most common now is a ceramic crown as it is strong and looks like a real tooth. These reshape the tooth, filling it in and making it look as close to new and healthy tooth again as possible.

Bridgework is a step up from this and is used when the tooth is so damaged it has not got enough left to adhere. A bridge is made of the adjacent tooth, using that one as a support structure for the broken one.

You may be told you need a crown by your dentist for a range of reasons. You may need to protect a tooth from decay or stop it from breaking up. If it has been cracked, this procedure can help mend it all back up again.

If you’ve had a dental implant to replace a demolished tooth, you may also need one to cover and protect it.

If you have very stained teeth or they are an odd shape, covering them with a ceramic crown can give them a fresh, clean and polished look, transforming your mouth and your smile.

If you have been told you need dental crown implants Adelaide, and you are unsure why it’s good to check whether it is to protect the tooth or for purely cosmetic reasons. The process is not painful at all and can create a stunning result. There are many dentists out there and so selecting the best one is not easy. However, by reading reviews, and seeking referrals from friends and family, you can be able to source a professional that you can trust.