Know About Opening Roof System


With the advancement in technology, roofing materials have greatly improved, and now people can choose among the best choices for open roof system, patio and other types of roofs. Many companies like louvretec have innovated a variety of opening roof systems. They have a wide range of operable louvres which are available in different profiles i.e. 90,160 and 200mm to meet customers unique requirements.

Louvretec Opening roof comes with ready electronic control systems that help opening and closing of the roof. The opening system in simply a louvres system which can span up to 3.6 meters. The extended louvres sometimes can be installed as a vertical screen or roof depending on the unique requirements of the place. The systems have complete control over shade and protection from the sun, the wind, and light. Light and ventilation can be provided electronically by opening and closing the stats. The option of rain sensors and remote are provided.  The louvres system interlock completely when closed for privacy and weather protection.

The opening roof systems are ideal for restaurants, patios, and courtyards which might need protection the day and night from the specific climatic conditions but the spaces can be opened and ventilated. Manufacturing companies market these types of opening roof systems give guarantees on the life of the roof system. The roofing systems are checked to ensure that they can withstand cyclonic conditions and even other climate-related damages. The warrant ranges from 10 to 20 years depending on the quality of the material used.

The open roofing systems are more popular with seaside restaurants, homes with patios and also the large garden areas as they are versatility are a good option as they can withstand all the climatic conditions. You can easily control shade and the sunshine in summer by just a click on your remote.

Sometimes the weather might be good, and it suddenly starts raining, no one needs to rush into the house since the louvretec opening roof system can sense rain and closes itself. Others will close by simply clicking your remote.  They provide a cover and proper ventilation to ensure that you are comfortable, and you can continue with your meeting or family fun with kids under the shade. Other uses of open roof systems are the application in agriculture. Greenhouses make use of open roof systems to help conserve the energy.

When shopping for an open roofing system, look for reputable companies that can install the system perfectly and on top of that guarantee their services for several years. You can research online or use a referral to find a good company. Always interview the company before signing the deal.