Make Your Backyard into a Summer Resort by Installing Shade Sails

The sunshade sails are available in multiple colours and sizes and can be installed using various design options including installing at different heights for an offset look that is visually stimulating. The unique fabric and unique shapes provide a relaxing and cool atmosphere and a feeling of being on vacation without having to leave your home. The shade sails SA are comprised of commercial grade knitted fabric and can be cleaned easily using water and soap. The long-lasting mesh trap is designed to offer you years of enjoyment and is naturally resistant to rot, mould, and mildew.

Choose the position for your shade sail

Before you go ahead and purchase a sail, it is important that you select and measure the installation area. You should consider the design element you want to achieve before picking the best location to ensure that after installation, you can accomplish just that. Before you purchase the right shade sails, consider factors like the desired size, the desired shape, the strength of existing structure that will be used as the anchor points, and finally the direction if the sunrise as well as the sunset.

Once you decide on the location of the sail, it is essential to consider and determine the anchoring points. The anchor points can be an existing structure such as an overhead deck, an attached patio, or even eaves on your home. If you have no structures where you can anchor your shade sails, then consider using wooden posts or galvanised steel poles as anchor points. Pole and post lengths should be calculated considering the desired height of the shade sail and also the depth of your footings. The right foundation should be 32” deep and 16” square. Each should be filled using a well-mixed up concrete.

Installing your shade sail

Once you have ordered your shade sails and it has arrived at your location, then the installation can begin. The sail can be bought with the fixing accessories included, or they can be purchased separately. However, to properly secure any shade sail, it is recommended that the manufacturer’s hardware is used to prevent any unseen problems. The sail will be connected to the anchoring points using the fixing accessories. It is essential to make sure that all the connections are secure and face towards the centre point of the sail before attaching them to the anchor points. The shade sails use a ratchet tensioning system which can be adjusted until the desired look is achieved.

Installing shade sails SA is the perfect do it yourself project for summer. Aside from the added advantages of shade and protection, the shade sails will instantly transform your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary. The modern and elegant looks of the shade sail will not only make everyday outdoor activities such as barbecuing and swimming more relaxing but will turn your house improvement into a beachside resort-like atmosphere.