Safety Tips When Touring the Australian Outback

Before you set off on your Australian Outback trip, hauling your huge backpack behind you, take a peek at these tips for explorers like you. Who knows, these could save you money, a limb or your life.

  1. Do not neglect your feet. You will do a lot of walking out there. Thereby, a good pair of shoes is not only important – it is crucial. Invest in a pair of walking shoes or hiking boots that fit well and are already broken in. Breaking in a pair of shoes does not entail merely a couple of minutes’ walk around your area. You may want to expose your shoes to a bit of rough terrain and harsh weather to gauge their chances of survival in the Outback. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You would not want to limp on blistered feet for half of your trip.
  1. Do not take crocodile warnings nonchalantly. Tourists have a tendency to be naive, always rambling about, forgetting the hazards of wildlife. Keep in mind that crocodiles hide for a reason. Thus, refrain from doing seemingly harmless acts, such as dangling your feet over a projecting rock or wandering too close to the riverside. Crocodiles may just be lurking nearby, unappreciative of uninvited visitors.
  1. Do not camp on dry riverbeds/creek beds. It may not look like it’s going to rain, but it might elsewhere. Water may fill up these dry beds at an alarming speed while you are deep in slumber.
  1. Beware of gum trees. These trees are treacherous. A heavy limb may come crashing down to the ground without any warning. Scrutinising the branches won’t give you tell-tale signs of frailty.

  1. Do not sit back and relax when on the road. The proliferation of wildlife in the Outback is a well-known fact. Vigilant driving just might save some them from unnecessary harm.
  1. Bring a map. The Outback is an unexplored wilderness to you. Getting lost is no tough feat.

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