Guide to Choosing Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors come in handy when securing your home from both criminals and insects. Living in neighbourhoods that have record high rates of crime can be worrying especially if your home security is not reinforced. Getting a security door will solve this problem but again you will have to deal with nagging insects when you open the door to get some fresh air, and this is where security screen doors SA comes in. These are doors that offer both security features and keeps the insects at bay. Therefore, a security screen door becomes a must have in any home. However, how do you get a quality security screen door?

When buying security screen doors, there are several things you need to consider. First, know your security needs. What do you need to secure? Well, if it is against both burglary and insects, then ensure that you get a security screen door that can offer you uncompromised security for both. Secondly, you need to ensure that security screen door you’re buying meets all Australians safety standards. Do not just buy a screen door just because it is branded a security screen door. Do proper research to ensure that it meets the specifications. Otherwise, security will be just a name.

What kind of frame is the security screen door made of? Well, you can get security screen doors made from steel and aluminium frames. However, aluminium is not the best when it comes security and getting such a screen door means that you are only getting insect protection and not securing your home from break-ins. Therefore, if the safety of your valuables and family is of primary concern, go for security screen doors with steel frames.

Another thing to consider when buying the security screen doors is locks and hinges. Just because a screen door has sturdy frames does not make it secure. You also need to check the hooks. The security screen door needs to have at least three durable hinges to ensure that it is firmly attached to the mainframe. This will make it stiff and unbreakable. Also, the security screen door should be easily but tightly locked. Therefore, be sure to check the locking mechanism before you commit your money.

The cost is also a factor to consider when shopping for security screen doors SA. Just because it is a screen door with the best frames, a suitable locking and hinge system does not warrant high costs. Although the security screen doors come at different price tags, you can always find an affordable screen door with no compromise on security features. All it needs is research and buying from trustworthy dealers.