Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Chiropractic Adjustment

If you have been diagnosed with a joint disorder and referred to a chiropractic therapist, your first reaction might be that of fear of pain. Many people will have you believe that the chiropractic therapist is an ogre who will sit on top of you and turn and twist your joints into place under extreme pressure causing you the kind of pain no man woman or child or even animal must experience. The truth is, it’s just hearsay.

What is chiropractic adjustment in the first place? In case you are still new to this form of medical therapy, the chiropractic adjustment is the process of adjusting joints that have, through a period, like years, have gotten displaced from their natural placement in the body. It happens when the joints develop air or gas bubbles between them and need physical pressure and therapy to get them back into position. This treatment usually takes a few visits before you can achieve desired results.

The very thought of having someone turn and twist the joint to get it back into place brings to mind images of pain and suffering. However, at the outset, you should dispel the fears as there is only a minimal discomfort you can feel. People who have undergone chiropractic adjustment in Adelaide and have experienced much pain or discomfort have in all certainty brought it on to themselves.

When a patient enters the room for a chiropractic adjustment, they are ready for the worst. Not knowing that the more they are relaxed, the less discomfort they will experience. The patient must learn to relax and trust the professional to do his or her job without having to restrict unwanted movements from the patient. The more the patient tightens his or her muscles or writhes around, the more they will experience pain.

Many people are more afraid of the sounds they hear during the chiropractic adjustment process. There is nothing to fear from these sounds as they are not the sounds of your bones cracking or breaking inside. These popping sounds are the sounds of the gas trapped between the joints being released. It is just like cracking your knuckles and producing a loud popping noise. However, this popping noise from the knuckles is far more painful than the popping sound generated by a skilled chiropractic practitioner.

Chiropractic adjustment in Adelaide is meant to increase the mobility of the joints and reduce pain to help the patient live a normal life. So, when you enter the chamber for your therapy, the first question you must answer yourself is: Is it going to cause you pain in any way? The answer is definitely ‘no’. The amount of discomfort you will experience is entirely up to you. The more relaxed and trusting of the therapist you are, the less it is going to hurt. The amount of pain is in your hands!