Why Use Net Wrap – What You Should Know

Securing enough feeds for our livestock is never easy. Many things can contribute to animal feeds shortage. The leading cause of scarcity of animal feeds is the unpredictable weather. You will find that sometimes, we have sufficient rains for animal feeds growth and some seasons are so dry that you can hardly have any feeds for the livestock which leads to decrease in production and in adverse cases you can have some animals die.

Another reason for animal feeds shortage is rearing more animals than your resources can allow you. Now, regardless of the cause of animal feeds deficit, there is always a way to curb the situation. The best way deal with animal feeds shortage, is animal feed preservation. When we talk about conservation of animal feeds, there are several methods which include: haymaking, silage making, the use of silos etc.

Now those days are gone when preserving animal feeds where you had to have a significant storage space. Today, you can use the modern animal feeds preservation methods like the use of net wrap. By using a net wrap film, you don’t need to have a storage space. All you need is purchase a quality net wrapping film, and you are ready to preserve your grass or other fodder crops. But what makes net wrap the best? To understand this enough, let us consider the benefits of net wrapped bales:

Faster baling – more efficient

The net wrap material is of durable plastic materials which mean that it’s easier to bale. With quality net wrapping film, you don’t need to worry about wear and tear when wrapping. Also, it covers many balers which make baling more efficient.

Increases Productivity

By using the net wrap to wrap the bales, you can increase the productivity of your livestock. But how? Well it’s very easy. As mentioned above, by using the net wrap, you don’t need to have a storage space for your hay or other fodder feeds. All you need is to wrap the bales and leave them in the farm. It means that with this preservation method, you’re able to preserve as much feeds as you want and this means that you will have enough feeds at any given time which will not only increase your livestock production but also ensure consistent stock amount.

Helps shed moisture

Just as the name sounds, net wrap film is not like silage covers, the net wrap has holes which means that after you have covered your hay or fodder crops, the excess moisture can get away and you will only be left with quality feeds at the time of feeding. Shedding moisture will also prevent rotting of feeds, and so you will be at peace knowing that the feeds will retain the nutritious content for a long time.